Taking 2018 Season Preorders!



*Photo shows trio on a cedar soap tray but unfortunately, we are sold out of the trio sets with the cedar trays. Trio will come wrapped together with just the ribbon.

Our new natural soap trio is the perfect gift for friends and family or for yourself! Inspired by classic cocktails, and hand poured, featuring TRC botanicals, infused oils, and food-grade responsibly sourced local ingredients. 

The set includes one of each soap:

Peppermint Gin Scrub (Eggnog) - Goat milk soap base mixed with Letherbee Gin spent botanicals as the scrub element, in-house infused comfrey olive oil, organic peppermint candies, organic peppermint essential oil, and TRC yarrow, mint, and amaranth leaf.

Vetiver Champagne Shea (Champagne) - Shea butter, goat milk, and honey soap base mixed with in-house infused chamomile olive oil, organic Vetiver essential oil, organic orange essential oil, champagne, and TRC yarrow fronds.

Marigold Mead Honey (Beer) - Honey soap base mixed with Off Color Brewery beer, organic orange essential oil, organic orange peel, and TRC marigold petals.

Each set is tied with a different color ribbon!