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Roof Crop Tisanes are caffeine free loose leaf blends made from greens, herbs, and florals harvested from our 8 green roof locations in Chicago. Flavors available include our Immunity Booster, Raspberry Perilla, Lemon Chamomile, and Tulsi.


Immunity Booster Tisane - Perilla leaf, Amaranth leaf, Chicory leaf, Basil, Yarrow leaf, Chervil leaf

Raspberry Perilla Tisane - Perilla leaf, Dried Raspberries, Raspberry leaf, Chicory leaf, Yarrow leaf

Lemon Chamomile - Perilla leaf, Lemon Verbena leaf, Lemon Basil leaf, Chamomile lef and flower, Yarrow leaf

Tulsi Tisane - 100% Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum)

Buy 10 - 8 oz jars get $10 off!

4oz Jar Honey - $7

8oz Jar Honey - $14